Boating on Tellico Lake

Nested in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Tellico Lake covers approximately 16,000 acres with 15,860 acres of surface water, 373 miles of shoreline and the watershed is 2,627 square miles.  People enjoy boating, sailing, canoeing, water sports and fishing here on Tellico Lake.  People enjoy the vast amount of lakeside parks, boat launchesmarinasrestaurants and campsites.

What is the Daily Lake Level?


Tellico Dam

Tellico Lake is conveniently located just miles from Lenoir City and Maryville and 30 minutes from Knoxville.  Tellico Reservoir was planned as an extension of nearby Fort Loudoun Reservoir and the Tellico Dam does not generate power.  Tellico Dam serves to divert water through a short canal into Fort Loudon linking the two reservoirs in their functions of flood reduction and navigation.  The canal allows barges to enter the Little Tennessee River without a lock.  Tellico Lake reservoir offers excellent trout and bass fishing.


Boating Services Around Tellico Lake

Tellico Lake and the surrounding areas offer quite a vast array of boating services to fit your needs.  Whether it’s selling, purchasing, needing repairs & service, detailing, towing, or dock builders, Tellico Lake is the place to find your hearts desire. Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Tellico Lake has approximately 16,000 acres to enjoy sailing, boating, canoeing, water sports, and fishing.  Along it’s shores enjoy the lakeside parks, marinas, boat launches, restaurants and overnight campsites.

Wondering what is the lake level at Tellico Lake? Water release schedules are updated periodically throughout the day. Predicted water levels are updated at least once a day, by 1 p.m. EST.  Click the button for today's daily lake level.


Fun Facts about Tellico Lake:

  • Construction of the dam began in 1967 and was completed in 1979
  • The dam spans the Little Tennessee River at 3,238 feet across and 129 feet high
  • The Tellico Dam is not powered by generators and produces no electricity, however, water flows through a short canal into Fort Loudoun Reservoir helping drive the four generating units at Fort Loudon Dam
  • Tellico Dam’s flood-storage capacity is 120,000 acre-feet
  • Tellico Reservoir has 15,560 acres of surface water and 357 miles of shoreline